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Commercial Debt Corporation

Commercial Debt Corporation (Pty) Ltd is ‘n debt recovery company with an absolute Solution for:

  • debt administration
  • debt recovery
  • debt management

CDC is committed to serve our clients with the highest level of service through professional collection methods, while at the same time performing debt recovery services to our client’s expectations. With a pledge of excellence, we strive to allocate the best resources, giving our talented staff of professionals the best tools in order to achieve and deliver expected results for our clientele.

At CDC, we have a proven collection track record that demonstrates our highest commitment to excellence, professionalism and performance. Our reputation depends upon the satisfaction of our clients, and debtors, to ensure our clients retain their valued customers.

We offer an absolute solution to our client’s debt recovery through optimizing their debtors’ book, resulting in increased recoveries. We share in our client’s risk: commission is based on successful recoveries.